Human Resilience Is Awesome.

Inspiration and admiration struck at the same time.

I am a teacher, not a real one, just a part time language advisor. But at times I experience the gem moments my wife talks about- she was a teacher for forty years, full time.
In Portugal a child can ride a motorbike at 14…

Applying for a Licence
Basic driving practice can begin at 16 years of age (or 14 years of age for category AM) if certain criteria are met. These are:
  • Written consent from parent or guardian
  • Must not have a police prohibition order (resulting from joyriding or illegal driving)
  • Must have the necessary physical, mental and psychological aptitude
  • Must have residency in Portugal for at least 185 days of the year
  • Must be able to read and write
  • Must be enrolled at a government-licensed driving centre
One of my students got his DT50 motorbike three weeks ago, lovely kid- don’t worry he didn’t die. But he had his first accident and broke all his toes and crushed his ankle in a collision with a car. Obviously not his fault as the driver visited him in hospital and is paying all the fees, no police involved- it was both their faults… He will be in plaster for 2 months and then physio for six.
What do you say when a kid turns up at your class all messed up? The usual supportive stuff, a great deal of lies in order to comfort and reassure him. However, what he said to me bowled me over and made me so, so, so proud to know that strength of character knows no age.
“So you’re going to have to find some other way of letting off your steam,” I said to him.
“Gerry, if I can’t skate anymore, I’ll learn the guitar, or Chinese.” He is a professional skateboarder, parcour player- paying sponsors all that…
My head reeled to hear this young boy come back with such a perfect and positive approach to his situation. I couldn’t help but tell him that he was such a great guy and that an attitude like that will carry him through life- so easily he could have sulked and been depressed. I felt I had to tell him he was allowed to have down days, but that I was in awe of his attitude at such a young age- He made me stronger today X
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