Are we awake or asleep in the absurd hour?


´I am dreaming about thinking, about thinking about dreaming´ 
For the last week, the Thief is back, robbing me of every sleeping hour- I am sick, but I have written some poems 🙂
Firstly though- Who is this Thief? And where exactly am I when he robs me?

Was I thinking or dreaming
When I lay awake at night
In the absurd hour?

A thought would mean
All the notes I made
Were real.

A dream would mean
Perhaps none of them
Were true.

I suppose,
I will have
To wake up
To find out.
(© Gerry Aldridge 2016)

Google translate-

Eu estava pensando ou sonhando
Quando eu ficava acordado à noite
Na hora absurda ?

Um pensamento significaria
Todas as notas que eu fiz
Eram reais.

Um sonho significaria
Talvez nenhum deles
Eram verdadeiras.

Eu suponho,
eu terei
Descobrir .(© Gerry Aldridge 2016)

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