Never Be Careful What You Wish For.

Never Be Careful What You Wish For.

A human being was walking along the usual stony path, when he came upon a man who had tripped and fallen. He was soothing his grazes and for some strange reason trying to scoop up all the blood as if he wanted to hide it somewhere. But his pockets were full of rocks

Human- What happened? Are you alright my friend?

The man did not look up. Instead he hid under a bloody jacket and pretended he wasn’t there.

Let me help you. I clearly see you are in distress.

The man shrugged and nonchalantly flung his head back to look at the amicable stranger in the sky.

Man- My cuts and bruises are not my fear, they are my punishment.

Human- For what?

Man- I made a wish and it came true.

Human- Well then, surely you should be happy.

Man- Except, I wished for something I could not have.

Human- So what does that teach you?

Man- Keep wishing. Yes, keep wishing!

Human pondered the man’s strange defiance for a moment.

Human- So your wish came at a price and you are full of regret, but…

Man- Yes.I tasted a dream but I feel I have lost something irretrievable? Why is it that contentment is the only thing in the world that once gone is lost forever and yet, it is the last thing we look for? Contentment is something we expect to happen, if all our wishes come true. Wishes are bad and dreams must be good. How can they be both?

Human- Well, there are the right ones and the wrong ones, of course.

Man- How do I know the difference?

Human- There is no difference.


Never Be Careful What You Wish For…….
Human- So why do you have all these rocks in your pockets? No wonder you stumbled and fell.

Man- Fernando Pessoa told me I should keep all those I find in my path and build a castle with them one day.

Human- He said keep them, not carry them around. Like that they become a burden and will only drag you down.

Man- But I have nowhere safe to store them. I have not yet found home.

Human- Leave them by the way- what you have learnt from them will stay.
The man began emptying his pockets reluctantly, and instead of falling on his feet, all the rocks simply rolled away.

Man- Have I lost them?

Human- No, you can never remove the past, it is woven into the intricate tapestry of your life. But you are in control again.

Man- I feel free, the man said smiling for the first time.
– And even happy!

Human- Now continue your journey, chase your dreams and the home you call a castle is in the place you’ll eventually be.


(Gerry Aldridge ©2017)



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