Poetry Break: by Gerry Aldridge

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

From the Editor:

Gerry made a debut here on Two Drops of Ink and went on to become an accomplished poet. His poetry flows, it has depth, and it’s even comical at times. He’s come back to the Two Drops family with a new submission of a few poems. I know you’ll enjoy them. 


I went out,
Stripped naked
To the cold.
And looked at all
The pieces of myself
I had not yet sold.

Satisfied there was
Still enough of me left,
I went back in
To the warmth
And safety
Of my nest.

Absurd Hour

Am I thinking,
Or dreaming
When I lay awake
At the absurd hour?

Thinking would mean
Not sleeping.
Dreaming would mean
Not thinking.

Am I awake,
Or asleep
When I write this?
Think this?
Feel this?

Should I sleep,
Or wake up
To find out?

The Bottomless Pit

Then came the hole.

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