There are three certain sins:
1. Hurting others because you are too afraid to meet yourself.
2. Hurting others to help yourself.
3. Hurting yourself to help others.
If you drop something and say sorry,
It does not make it better.
If you clip an angels wings
It will not kill her.
But if you go all the way
There will be nothing at all
Left to say.
-And that means certain death.
No more love,
Emptiness as deep and profound
As the towering heights of greatness.
Cannot be matched
Undone, or rehashed.
You did it-
Live with it!
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)

3 thoughts on “Humans.

  1. Hurting yourself to help others…that line. So very true. Hard to see as sin…helping others. Yet, if helping others devalues my own life, or disregards my own health I have fallen.

    • facing up to things is the hardest..just makes me want to sulk when it is too hurt yourself you hurt the people who love you x thx for follow..I am naive on this I want to follow you but have not found the button 🙂

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